Guide on Dokha Tobacco

Guide on Dokha Tobacco – Flavoured and Non-Flavoured

Dokha is an Iranian tobacco which consists of bark, herbs and leaves other highly shredded tobacco. This kind of tobacco is very popular in a number of Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

People in UAE countries love it to bits. This kind of tobacco has a high percentage of nicotine, and smokers usually draw in a small amount at a time. It can be found in plenty of concentrations and flavours.

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There are different fruits added as well, in order to improve the flavour. The tobacco is available in two forms – flavoured and Non-flavoured, and both forms are very popular with smokers.

Flavoured Dokha

Dokha tobacco is flavoured with the essence of clove, mint and various fruits. The varied flavours are used in order to mask the strong taste of tobacco, and lessen its severity.

Generally, Flavoured Dokha is classified further into 2 types – Savoury and Sweet/fruit. Unlike what it is the case with cigars, traditional cigarettes or pipes, there is smokers do not need to waste a lot of time when they smoke Dokha. Dokha can be filled in pipes as quickly as half a minute.

Users can get a much better experience when they smoke this kind of tobacco, although the traditional forms are said to be more potent.

Traditional Dokha flavoured blends are savoury in type. But these used to be flavoured very slightly with herbs, dried flowers and spices of a number of varieties for improving the extremely unique flavours and notes of the different forms of Dokha in Dubai.

The modern Dokha flavoured blends are smoked with the help of Medwakh pipes, and it resembles the form of tobacco which is smoked through hookah. But molasses, which are used to cure tobacco in hookah or shisha, are not used for the treatment of this type of tobacco.

Non-flavoured Dokha

This kind of tobacco is traditional in form, and does not have the flavour of spices, herbs or fruits. There are no preservatives, additives or chemicals in this form, and smokers can enjoy completely pure form without any potency or smell.

But even some varieties of this tobacco, especially the Iranian and Turkish ones, were even mixed with the leaves and bark of various native plants.

Medwakh pipes are lengthy pipes which are used to allow smoking of tobacco, and can be constructed out of wood, metal and a number of other materials.


Most people who smoke the non-flavoured form of this tobacco feel that it has greater potency. Smokers feel that they experience a better rush when they smoke the tobacco.

The sensation experience differs from any other type of smoking experience.

Traditionally, it was only smoked by sailors in Arabia. But even today, it is used – although in a purer form – and it is smoked in numerous nations. Today, people mostly smoke 100% pure type of this tobacco through small Dokha pipe.

Smokers can find warm, hot and cold varieties on the market, as per the kind of environment where the tobacco is smoked in.

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The Baby Shop Dubai – is it the best place to buy baby clothes in Dubai?

The Baby Shop Dubai – is it the best place to buy baby clothes in Dubai?

If you’ve ever lived in Dubai and you have children then you will fully understand the buying baby clothes in Dubai can be extremely difficult at most times.

Thankfully there are some really good online retailers that have huge range of baby clothes and children’s clothes where parents like your self and me can browse during our limited spare time in between working and family life.

One of the online retailers that I tend to use or should I say used to use on a regular basis to buy all my baby clothes was the

This website is truly outstanding however what I have noticed after using it for a couple of years is that the quality of customer service is very poor.  I have ordered on several occasions where the colours and sizes have not been exactly what I ordered and the return process has been painful.

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So like any other customer I went elsewhere to get some answers and A better service.  I received a really good recommendation from one of my close Friends who also has small children.  They recommended that I checkout the new website Wonder Kids.

Sceptical at first, I jumped online to check out this website.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of clothing accessories that were available to buy online from the store.

Anything from baby clothes, Baby accessories, kids clothes and kids toys or all available on this website.

So like any other sceptical person purchasing something from the website of the very first time I put in a very small order of two items.

I was amazed at how fast the clothes were delivered and the level of service but this can’t be providing me.

So what about clothes?

Well because of the clothes was outstanding considering the low price tag and had to pay for them. Clothes arrived in the correct colours and sizes that are requested. What more can I say?  This is exactly why ordered.


Before ordering it did check the return policy, which is fair and very professional.  The offer a refund or exchange any clothes or toys that do not meet customers expectations.  Again what more can you ask for?

I’ve now been using Wonder Kids as my go to online Store buying at least 80% of all my children’s clothes and toys. From one parent to another I highly recommend you had over and check this website out for yourself.  I would love to hear your feedback on thoughts in regards to the store and how you found their service in the comment section below please bear in mind that is a busy parent I don’t have the luxury of time to reply in a quick fashion.

I hope you find this Quick review and quick guys extremely helpful for buying all your baby clothes online in future.

Requirements for a Security Company in Dubai

Security Company In Dubai

Requirements for a Security Company in Dubai – What Does It Take?

If you are interested in hiring a security company in Dubai for your event security in Dubai and the UAE, you must take into consideration whether you need an armed or unarmed guard.

If you are looking to work with a security company Dubai based or security company UAE based, the same must be taken into account.

Unarmed Security Guard

In almost all countries, each applicant should follow basic requirements for this position, which are:

  • Each applicant should be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  • Each applicant should provide the diploma of a high school or its equivalent;
  • Each applicant should submit to the check of criminal background;
  • Each applicant should have good moral qualities and character;
  • Each applicant should submit fingerprints;
  • Each applicant should pass training courses certified in the country where they will work;
  • Each applicant should have an authorization for legal work.

If you are going to be an applicant for the position of the unarmed security guard you may have some benefits in comparison with other people, who are applying for this job.

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What are these benefits?

These benefits include:

  • License of driver;
  • Ability to stand for a long time;
  • Good skills of communicating ;
  • Good physical condition.

Armed Security Guard

This job is probably more interesting, but it requires more skills and suggests greater responsibility.

When you are applying for work as an armed security guard, your hiring company will have certain requirements, which are connected with the specificity of work as an armed security guard, because during work you may need to use force and you will have more obligations.

In almost all countries, each applicant should follow basic requirements for this position, which are:

  • 21 years of age – this is the minimum age for each applying person. If you are less than 21 years old you will not be able to work as an armed security guard, because it suggests the work with a weapon;
  • Diploma from high school or the equivalent of such diploma – these are the documents which must be provided to the hiring company in proof of your education;
  • Each applicant should have a clean history of convictions from alcohol or drug use;
  • Each applicant should permit the check of his criminal background;
    Each applicant should have good moral qualities and communication skills;
  • Fingerprints should be submitted by each applicant;
    It is better to provide a driver’s license

Each applicant must pass the training course, certified by the country where they will work. Each applicant should have firearms training, but the required amount of this additional training varies from city to city.

Each person, applying for armed security guard should obtain a weapon permit when working with  security companies in Dubai.